Wedding Photos!

Just wanted to share some of our wedding photos with everyone, especially our loving friends & family that were unable to join us that day :) Big thanks to our photographer, Michael Simonitsch. Bravo!

Some knick knacks & details:

1 3 8 9 dress 11 22 23

Additional getting ready photos:

29 31 32

“First” look!

38 41 42 43 44 45

Some more details & couple shots

hanky watch accessories earrings hairpin 49 couple shot feet happy couple head2head

37 jsolo


Our amazing bridal party:

groomsmen groomsmen2 groomsmen jump2 groomsmen4 groomsmen waiting



bridesmaids bridesmaids2 bridesmaidswait bridesmaids wait2

bridal party wait bridal party bridal party2

s&j s&j3 s&j2

Our loving family:

sj & parents sj&sh family2


jane&parents brother kiss gramps famiy

Our wedding venue: The Community Church of East Williston

church church2




church3 church4


bouquet bridesmaid bouquet boutineer

I love how my brothers walked my mom down the aisle :)

mom&bros flowergirl&ringboy dad&me applaudhappy j&s kiss recessional


It was a little too hectic to do the Maid of Honor & Best Man’s toasts inside, so we had a private affair :)

speech speech2

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  • Joan Yhun Park on Facebook // //

    Great photos! You guys are such a cute couple!

  • Ruth Chu on Facebook // //


  • Kasey Colucci // //

    Beautiful photos! How did you like the church? I’m considering them for my own ceremony and I’d love to hear a review of the process.


  • Jane // //

    Hi Kasey! I’m so sorry for the VERY late reply! I’m still getting used to all this blogging and your comment got lost in everything else. I’m not sure if this is too late or not, but we loved the church. It’s a beautiful place. The process isn’t too bad. You meet with their event coordinator first, and if you book with them, you have to use their pastor and meet with him twice before the ceremony for pre-marital counseling. Then, you have the rehearsal and you’re good to go. The day of, there wasn’t any panic and it was pretty stress free :) Hope this helps!

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