The Proposal: Jane’s Account

Falling in love is such an incredible experience; you have to go through it to understand, or else you’ll just think we’re crazy.  This is the case with Sungjin and me.

We both knew early on that we didn’t have to look for a husband/wife anymore after meeting each other. But, when I told my family how I felt they literally thought I was bewitched and insane. Thankfully after 1 1/2 years of getting to know Sungjin, I think they’ve come to love and welcome him as family.

So here is my account of our engagement:

Monday, 9/24/12

I’m still a bit on the traditional and conservative side, so one of the stipulations I gave Sungjin before officially proposing to me was that he had to get my dad’s blessing first. So, while I was enjoying a Met’s ballgame with some friends, Sungjin visited my parents and asked them for my hand in marriage.

My parents were confused. They were like, “I don’t understand. Why are you here? Aren’t you guys already engaged? Wait a minute, are you saying you’re getting married tomorrow?!”

After some well needed clarification, there were congratulations. Yay! :)

* Note to self: Brush up on Korean cultural traditions.

Tuesday, 9/25/12

I had the day off work because schools were closed celebrating Yom Kippur (Yes- for all my buddies outside of NY- we honor Jewish holidays) Sungjin took the day off to set up everything at our church with his team.

He asked a good friend of mine to keep me occupied until it was Time. I didn’t really think much of it because we ended up doing things we’d usually do anyway- eat, chat & read at Barnes & Noble.

She finally got the signal to bring me to church around 4:30 and suggested we “mosey on over there”. This was totally fine with me because I wanted to practice my cajon drum anyway, and planned on preparing for our usual Tuesday Prayer Meeting. This Tuesday was extra special too because my nephew was scheduled to share the Word with us.

When we approached the church, there was a sign on the front door saying, “Please use side door,” in a childlike handwriting. So, I said, “That’s weird. My mom said there shouldn’t be any kids here anymore,” and walked toward the side entrance.

I was surprisingly greeted with timely music and my nephew energetically welcoming me in an Irish accent, “HELLO BEHWANGISH!”

He handed me this map and guided me on my scavenger hunt.

Each stop had a cute and heartfelt message and clues to help spell the magic word _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _:

Station 1

S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _:

Station 2
S H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _:

Station 3
S H A D _ _ _ _ _ _:

Station 4
S H A D M O _ _ _ _:

Station 5
S H A D M O L A _ _:

Station 6
S H A D M O L A N D:

The whole time, i’m trying to figure out what the magic word is… “SHAD.. SHADMO… SHADMO? What in the world is that?! SHADMOLA?! What’s SHADMOLAND?!”

And then later, I was told it’s NOT Shadmoland, but SHADOWLAND!!! LOL! Now that makes more sense!!!

I finally met Sungjin with tear filled eyes in the room he beautifully decorated. Then he got down on one knee (another stipulation I gave) and proposed to me :’) hahaha!

The whole experience was truly magical and romantic :) All I could say was, “I LOVE YOU!” and “FINALLY!” haha!

Afterwards, I was just REALLY impressed by what Sungjin and a couple of GUYS could do! I couldn’t believe there was absolutely NO FEMALE input here! Everything was so perfect :D

I am so fortunate and incredibly thankful to God. Not only does Sungjin love the Lord, but he loves me, and wants to join me in living for Him in these shadowlands. The cherry on top of it all is that he is the most handsome, loving, patient, passionate, supportive, and intelligent man ever! hehehe

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