Surprise Surprise!

Saturday night I fell asleep in bliss thinking about all the great friends Sungjin and I have. I often think about this, but was especially reminded when a bunch of former co-workers planned a surprise mommy-to-be party for me.

I usually don’t like surprises (not that I’ve ever had a surprise party before)… but I didn’t think I’d ever like one. Boy, was I was wrong.

I arrived at my friend’s empty house thinking we were the first ones there. But, lo and behold as Sungjin and I walked into her dark living room, we were welcomed with eight bodies and a “SURPRISE!!!” My jaw literally dropped and all I could say was, “WHAAAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” (And then I had to rush to the bathroom to pee.) Afterwards, I took in all the cute decorations, banners, balloons, butt load of food, and all the sweet faces. I wish I took more pictures!





2014-03-23-01-52-14_deco 2014-03-23-01-53-23_deco


I’ll be sure to let Rockland know that you guys pretty much clothed me with all the maternity clothes I’d ever need while he was in my womb.

Thanks again & I love you guys!! I know a lot of work went into planning and coordinating all of that right under my nose. 

P.S. Sungjin… I’m impressed. You’re usually HORRIBLE at surprises!

Funny moment of the night:  When my friends told me they were discussing whether or not they should shout “SURPRISE!!” when I walked in because they were afraid I’d get so scared and hurt the baby. (ISN’T THAT SO SWEET???) Hahaha!

Lesson for Rockland:  Rockland, you can find good friends in the least likely of places, like that hell-hole of a place we worked at and bonded with together. Difficult circumstances are never for nothing.

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