Sungjin the Builder

I love building furniture. My mom and I always did it together whenever we bought IKEA dressers, tables, and beds frames. It’s kind of like crafting to me. You have all these deconstructed pieces and tools, and with time… BAM! You have a beautifully finished product. It can be so stress relieving.

Last night, we came home and a couple of huge boxes were awaiting us. Some dear friends of ours sent over gifts from our baby registry. I thought I could help Sungjin build the glider & ottoman set. But, I guess my pre-pregnancy sausage fingers were even more swollen. I kept dropping the screws and that L-shaped tool. So I cleaned the house instead (which, might I add, is MUCH less stress relieving than building furniture).

Alright… do we have all the pieces? (1..2…3…4…8…) Check.

Let’s put this baby together.

Wait… what? Jane did you drop the screw again? I can’t find it.

I LOVE IT! tehehehe! Sungjin! Bring me Harold! (Harold is Sungjin’s childhood stuffed puppy…)

No screws needed for the high chair, so I got to help with this one :)

And this one is just for fun. No assembly required. I think Harold is too big for that carrier ;)

So exciting to see the house coming together to welcome baby Rockland! Mommy & daddy love you!!! Can’t wait to meet you!

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