Sleep Positions and Personality

There are studies that theorize the position you sleep in reveals a lot about your personality!

Use our handy guide to find out just WHO your spouse REALLY is…I mean we wouldn’t use it on ourselves because come on, we’re so perfect right?

Step 1: Wait until your spouse/significant other falls asleep.
Step 2: Observe the “sleep position” they are in and consult chart.
Step 3: Match up position with description below chart.

Fetus Position
Tough on the outside, sensitive on the inside.  Shy at first, but gets comfortable with things rather quickly.

Freefall Position
Adventurous and outgoing.  Cannot handle criticism very well.  Looks for reasons to be rude.

Log Position
Social, trusting, easy to please, and gullible.

Soldier Position
Quiet & austere.  Does not complain so easily.  Holds themselves and others to a higher standard.  *Snores a lot

Yearner Position
Very open-minded outside yet skeptical on the inside.  Very stubborn once a decision has been made.

Starfish Position
Great at listening and comforting.   Always willing to be helpful but uncomfortable with being in the spotlight.  *Snores a lot


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