New Year’s Revelations… about Pregnancy

Just wanted to share some revelations I’ve received throughout my first trimester:

#1. If you think you have food poisoning… you might actually be pregnant. 
My monthly visitor wasn’t late yet, but I wasn’t feeling so hot, so Sungjin told me to take an at home pregnancy test. It came out POSITIVE. I freaked out and screamed, “Oh… my…. God… NOOOO!” So Sungjin took me to the OBGYN that same day to confirm. I drank 6 cups of water on the way to the office just so that I could pee again when we got there. To my relief, the supposedly super duper accurate professional pregnancy test at the doctor’s office said NEGATIVE. We went home thinking, “Stupid at home pregnancy test. Whew! Thank God!”

Then, I had take-out Chinese food late in the week and felt miserable the whole weekend afterwards. I seriously thought I had food poisoning! But, Sungjin’s instinct said, “She’s pregnant.” So, he took me to the OBGYN again. I pee’d in the cup and LO and BEHOLD THIS GIRL IS REALLY PREGNANT. Made sense now. I just held my belly and teared thinking, “Wow. We’re having a baby!” 

#2. Love your mothers. Smother them.
I realized how much I’ve under-looked and under-appreciated all that my mommy went through to bear her THREE children. I want to kiss her and cry every time I see her because I’m grateful and regretful of the ways I’ve treated her in AND out of the womb. HAHA! Lordy. What will our child do to us in the future?

#3 If nothing else will make your tough, brawny husband cry… pregnancy will.
I’ve never seen him shed so many manly tears before. I don’t think he realizes how sexy it is. HAHAHA

#4 I’m not going to say pregnancy ISN’T a beautiful thing, but there’s sooo many things that just aren’t so pretty.
I mean, every time I met a pregnant woman  before I’d just think “Awww, how precious! Your baby bump is so cute!” And don’t get me wrong, I heard about the difficulties like morning sickness… but OH LORD. THIS is what those ladies were going through?! Let me tell you right now for rookies like me- morning sickness doesn’t mean what it sounds. It starts in the morning and lasts throughout the day. YES. THE WHOLE DAY… maybe minus a few hours of relief. But, for the most part THE WHOLE DAY. You just feel carsick and fatigue. You will mark your territory anywhere and everywhere. I don’t know how many times Sungjin had to pull the car over so I could.. you know… do my business and hope for rain to clean it up :-X

Your brain plays tricks on you because you’re hungry, you’re actually starving, but you’re not hungry… or you just can’t stomach even imagining eating something cuz just the thought of it will make you want to (bleh). You open the fridge and your new sensitivity to smell just isn’t welcoming any of those goodies inside… it’s crazy. Plus, since you can’t eat properly, you get constipated and your #2 (when it does come out) looks like rabbit poo.

The beautiful thing though is that there is a real human baby being formed in your every moment of every day… whenever we see how much our baby has grown since our last sonogram it amazes us. The first time we saw our little baby it looked like a tiny dot! Now, it has organs, a face, hands, fingers, feet, toes, and bounces around in me all jolly. I love it! ;)

#5 You aren’t the only one suffering.
Sungjin is such a trooper. Poor guy probably lost weight because he was on the same diet as me for awhile: Clementines, seltzer, and chips. I hadn’t cooked a meal for him in months. I had friends come over every now and then and make him some food while I hid away in our bedroom with the windows open. He started doing the dishes and cleaning the house, and every time I had to regurgitate in the toilet he was always behind me patting my back with tissues at hand for me to blow my nose afterward. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him. I give so much credit to mothers to had to go through that alone. YOU guys are amazing.

#6 I want to believe no pregnant woman is exempt from the woes of pregnancy.
Every woman’s body responds to pregnancy differently. I thought I was stronger than I was, but apparently according to the PA at the ER, I happen to be very sensitive to it :-/ I read that some women miraculously bypass Eve’s curse or something and have a peachy 9-month pregnancy. But, every time I wanted to throw up, I just thought of Princess Kate Middleton or some other beautiful and pregnant celebrity who was sharing my pain and ugliness. I’d tell Sungjin, “You know… I bet Princess Kate was doing the same thing as me, except her toilet was probably made of gold.” ;)

#7 Everyone around you suddenly becomes a pregnancy expert.
I heard a lot of different tips and tricks- things people have learned first hand, read in textbooks, sold, saw, heard… but you just learn to listen to them all, nod, and take it with a grain of salt. (Which reminds me of the most bizarre advice a man told me. “Drink a cup of salt water because your baby is taking all your salt away from you. It’s true,” he said.) I brought this up with my dietician, and no. Not a good idea. Thank God cuz I hate salt water.    

#8 Pregnancy increases your desire to adopt children.
I ain’t doing this again. (so I say now…)


Now, I’m officially in my 2nd trimester and the nausea has died down significantly. I hear things from now on are going to be moving at a fast pace. I can’t wait until June! :D

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