Merry Christmas!

Celebrated Rockland’s first Christmas! When I think of Jesus’ birth, I always associate it with giddy songs and joyful praise (and rightly so as it was an incredible night!) BUT- this year, I realized there was also a quiet adoration and sweetness in being with loved ones. So this year, while we had our share of joys and laughter, we also¬†spent the day soaking in lots of love in each others arms.

Rocky opening up his Christmas gifts at church.

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Baby Christmas tree for a little baby :)

Christmas morn. Still pooped. 1225140924b 1225140920a 1225141111a

Meeting friends & family :) 1225141440d 1419547135240 Processed with VSCOcam

This kid is pooped & wants to sleep. (My husband, not the baby ;) hehe) 2014-12-25 08.02.38 1 1225141955a


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