Now that the invites are FINALLY making its rounds to our guests, we wanted to give you a little glimpse inside the envelope and see what P8PER HEARTS has designed for us.
The process of getting any old regular invite is simple.  Just see what you like and plug in the blanks of information for your wedding.  Although it may be cheaper in some cases, it takes the fun out of the wedding planning.  Believe me, it’s probably the only thing you might have total control over.  The great thing about P8PERHEARTS is that you can set your own budget and from there do whatever you want.  Picking a theme for a customized invite was easy for Jane and I cause UP is OUR MOVIE. Not yours, mine.  =)  The overall invite design was designed by Keith Leung of P8PERHEARTS using elements from the movie with our personalized storyboard sketches drawn by Bowen Jiang.  How do you guys think they came out?

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