I Am Afraid of Spiders

Of All the insects, spiders freak me out the most.

This morning while I was getting ready in front of the closet mirror I saw a shadow swaying on the wall. I looked to see what Rockland was playing with, but he wasn’t swaying anything. So I looked around the room and TO MY HORROR there was a big juicy black spider swinging by it’s web on the ceiling fan.

My initial reaction was to grab the baby and jet out of the room. I wanted to stay out completely, but I knew I had to keep an eye on the spider at the least. This wasn’t an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing. It was like an “I will never set foot in my house again if that critter gets out of sight” kind of thing.

My husband was no help:

My husband, the great comforter.
My husband, the great comforter.

I was sweating profusely and dry heaving… hyperventilating… “overreacting” in some people’s opinions. But I couldn’t help it. Honest.

Anyway, I killed it. I sprayed poison on it, put a box under it to catch it, and when that fighter crawled out of the box I hit it with my weapon, the good ol’ Swiffer. I was screaming, shaking and sobbing throughout this whole time AND remained at least 4 feet away.

Afterwards, SungJin told me to clean it up as well, but I said HECK NO & left the house. I didn’t go back until SungJin came home to clean it up & even then I didn’t want to go back into the room. Now we’re doing laundry to clean up the crime scene.

Seriously though, how do people commit murder or even beat people up? I can’t. My God, but that’s what it felt like killing the spider. I was so afraid.

I documented how seriously afraid I was so SungJin would believe me, cuz I think he thought I was trying to be cute. This ain’t cute. There was nothing cute about this incident.

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