Happy Anniversary

I’ve been trying to write a fresh post, but as most of you bloggers know- writing aint easy. It’s probably one of the least organic things I know how to do. So, props and kudos to all you writers out there. I commend your hard work.

Anyways, Sungjin and I got to celebrate our 2 year anniversary last month.

We went on a date to Cafe Lux & got some of our favorite foods: Cheese pizza, Korean tacos, & strawberry shortcake

Cafe Lux Strawberry shortcake

And adopted Mr. Fox :) (he was an orphan at Fox Hollow Inn… a venue we checked out)

Mr. Fox

I failed to do anything special for him this year. (I know. I’m a bad fiance.) But, thank God for LAST year’s video! Memories are a great gift, no? ;)

As you can see, it was pretty makeshift and bare knuckles… which reminds me of our wedding planning.

If you’re curious, unless you have money… lots of money… wedding planning takes on a whole new level of headache.

I’ve got the dress.
I’ve got the wedding sash & veil.
I’ve got the hair & make-up booked.
We’ve got… most of the bridal party.
We’ve got the venue. (sort of.)
We’ve set the date.

Now we need to find an affordable and yet quality photographer and florist.
And start making a bunch of DIY decorations. (That part, I think i’ll actually enjoy.)

With our wedding only 5 months away, some of you may be nervously thinking, “Uhhh… Jane… [yelling] HOP ON IT!” And that’s totally understandable. I tell Sungjin that EVERY DAY. But, when I think about it, most of my good work- all my last minute, late night crafting, scrapbooking, gifting, and e-card making- have been pretty successful. So, I’m confident that our wedding, though put together at the last minute, will be so… us.

Will update you guys as we progress!

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