Getting Glamorous for the Wedding

Sungjin always complains I wear too much make-up- no matter how little I apply. But, on our wedding day, I wore a butt load of make-up. My make-up artist wanted to put MORE on me, but I was like, “Oh no, I think this is enough. I look like a concubine!” I sure hope all the beliefs that more make-up means pretty photos is true! I can’t to see our photos and video from Michael Simonitsch & Frank Ahn!

In the meantime, I want to thank my friend, Eunji, aka our pianist, for taking shots of us while we were getting all glam for the wedding :)

Our house was turned into a makeshift salon. IMG_1446

The tools:

Getting my hair did.
IMG_1381 IMG_1411 IMG_1420

Those fake eyelashes gave me 상가풀 (double eye-lid fold) whenever I smiled big. HAHA

My bridesmaids: Tobi, Sooro & Christina  IMG_1445 IMG_1399 IMG_1436 IMG_1479

All the while, this is Sungjin’s expression. “Why does this take soooo long???” HAHAHA (the guys got ready in like 15 minutes by the way)

Thought we’d get him in on the action too. Hehehe

Me & my Maid of Honor, Tobi dearest <3
IMG_1442 IMG_1443

I thought this was a nice view of our living room & kitchen. hahaha

My beautiful bridesmaids, and some of Sungjin’s good-lookin’ groomsmen.
IMG_1495 IMG_1493

My pretty pianist, Eunji :)

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