FunYun’s DIE HARD!

We Almost died.  Yes it’s true.  It was a near-death experience that Jane and I will hopefully never have to experience again.It was Valentine’s Day and naturally the way the FunYun’s celebrate best is by going to the movies.  So what movie does a romantic couple such as ours choose to watch?  A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD! As I was waiting on line to buy my ticket I noticed that the man in front of me was alone.  But what made me notice him was how he paid for his ticket; a stack of 100 dollar bills rapped in a bank note was yanked out of his jacket.  The first thought in my head was that this guy was into drugs or was a pimp cause he had with him four separate boxes of presents.

At Fresh Meadows Theaters, there’s assigned seating.  Out of all the empty seats in the front row, we were given the two right next to him.  I whisper to Jane about the money I saw and her response is “Does he have a gun?”  A question like that would have seemed ridiculous a year ago but with all the recent gun related crimes, especially the one in the movie theater in Aurora, it seemed like a legitimate concern.

As the lights began to dim, the man started talking to himself.  We thought he was on the phone at first but he wasn’t.  Jane clutched my arm and got even closer to me and whispered “I’m scared.”  I tried to tell her not to worry and maybe he was just that kind of person.  There was a scene where Bruce Willis was just talking with his partner about his son, and then the man just broke out laughing to himself slapping the chair.  I couldn’t find anything funny about the scene, neither did anyone else.  15 minutes into the movie the screen turned completely white and the projector turned off.  Everyone freaked out.

Jane whispers in my ear again “are you ready to die?”.  It sounds freaky when you read it.  Believe me, it sounds even more disturbing when you hear it amidst the chaos.  I tried to play it cool, but the man talking to himself and Jane’s weird questions started to freak me out.  I had to think of ways I was going to protect Jane and myself from this guy if something were to happen.  Just as it was about to get rowdy, A theater attendant came in and made the announcement that something was wrong with the projector and they would be restarting the film.

The second time they started the film everything seemed fine until complained about the lack of subtitles for the Russian dialogue.  I honestly thought the director just wanted us to not know what they were saying cause he was lazy or something but turns out there were subtitles.  So  about 20 minutes into the film, they stopped the film again.  This time the “crazy” man got up and started pacing back and forth muttering to himself.

Jane really gets frightened and hides her head in my armpit.  But she whispers in my ear again, “Sungjin, if I die and you live, please don’t turn away from God.”  It was very sweet that in the face of death she would still think of my salvation.  I asked her if she wanted to leave and she said “No we’re going to waste money if we leave and I’m ready to go to heaven”.  I honestly don’t know who freaked me out more.

Eventually the muttering man left during the middle of  the movie and we lived.  We raced out the theater to the car though and held our hands together a little tighter on the ride home.

Although you might consider it a tame near death experience, I think the legitimate fear of being killed qualifies it to be in the category.  So why did I write all this?  I don’t know.  I was just glad knowing that if something were to happen to me, Jane would know at the very least that I loved her enough to want to marry her.  This post would’ve been more fitting had it been published on Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s important to reiterate any day that you shouldn’t let a day go by without telling someone you love them.

Oh and the movie sucked by the way.

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