The Day Rockland Was Born…

Rockland’s childbirth experience was not without some excitement.

Rockland Theodore Yun’s due date was 6/17/14.  Eager to make an entrance fashionably late, he joined us on 6/19/14.

We were very anxious and nervous in the days leading up to his birth. I think if there was one phrase to sum up the whole labor experience, it would be “YO! WHERE IS THIS BABY?!”  Jane might not be fond of some of these photos, but Rockland has to remember what his momma went through.

I walk out of the bedroom in the morning to find Jane slouching like this on the glider.

A Batman nearby cheers Jane on to endure the pain…


Jane sucks it up and starts to make a morning snack.  Because she’s not allowed to eat the moment she’s admitted into the hospital.


Her favorite snack of choice. Blueberry Ego….yech. IMG_3145

Just a shot of a statue my mother got for us from one of her travels overseas…It’s a mom holding her baby for those who can’t make out the shapes. IMG_3132

The Turtle awaits his future companion. IMG_3130

“together” is a phrase Jane & I use a lot when we don’t want to leave each other’s side…while one does hahaha. IMG_3131

“Jane’s in labor!” – The best email to send as an excuse not to go to work. 20140617_170803

Jane’s repacking our bags just in case we missed something….I remember it was her 3rd time repacking it. 20140617_170322


Trying to get her to relax, we finish up our 8-film Harry Potter-thon.  “Let’s go honey” “No the contractions are still far apart…Where is this baby?! Rockland’s already misbehaving!” 20140617_185305

I imagine this photo would illustrate exactly how Jane was feeling. I call this “The madness”. 20140617_174507

I whisk her away to the mall because the expectant father book suggested I keep her on her feet to get blood flow moving to the baby. 20140617_211925

She doesn’t feel completely better, but the magic of the mall does distract the mind easily…albeit sometimes too numbingly. 20140617_203536

“A bulldog!” 20140617_211613

Even when in extreme pain, Jane always manages to put out a smile. How can you NOT love this girl? 20140617_204823

A Few more bulldog sightings around the mall! It’s as if they were giving us a salute to wish us luck! 20140703_155201 20140703_154922 20140703_154305

We make a pitstop at my parents place as they are on the way to the hospital. 20140616_180638

Jane stopped feeling contractions after a while and just to be sure that everything is ok, we went to the hospital expecting to be told we were just overly anxious. But the hospital takes labor pains very seriously and as a precaution wanted to make sure everything looked good. 20140618_130743

After reviewing the graph, the Doctor suggests that Jane stays in the hospital until she gives birth. There were some concerning signs on that graph and it was a good thing we came in.  They also told us that Jane is not allowed to eat until that happens….at all. That blueberry ego was all she had. 20140618_130945

You’re on that screen Rockland! 20140618_131204

This is Jane’s face after a nurse comes in and completely screwed up putting an IV into her arm.  The nurse needed to call someone else to come in and do it….”Isn’t that the 1st basic thing they should teach them?”  Apparently our nurse friends tell us that in fact no, they learn that “on the job.” 20140618_151217

“Another Bulldog!” 20140618_171543

No other place I’d rather be.  20140618_200142

The Contractions are starting to come back in full force. 20140618_200148

At this point they induced labor and broke her water for her. 20140619_021722

All we can do is wait… 20140619_021729 20140619_021751

2:18 p.m.  20140619_021757

Jane’s takes the pain like a champ. She didn’t think to ask for an epidural until they asked her if she wanted one.  20140619_021803 20140619_021809

These controls for the bed look like they belong on a starship. IMG_3162

After a certain point, the epidural doesn’t help. All you can do is focus on something to distract you.  Jane picks something.  I ask her what it is. IMG_3160

“The screw that looks like a star” IMG_3155

The screw that looks like a star. IMG_3161

It gets pretty cold in there, even during the summer. They hooked us up with some socks to keep her comfy. IMG_3156

the wait continues….   IMG_3154 IMG_3152 IMG_3153   IMG_3151 IMG_3150

Jane’s able to get some rest. About 50 minutes later, she was ready to start pushing. The doctor’s were going to ease her into it but Jane just tells them “I’m gonna push now ok?” IMG_3149

After 15 minutes of pushing and an umbilical chord scare,  Rockland Theodore Yun enters into the world. IMG_3163 IMG_3164

8 pounds 2.7 ounces! In the weight class of champions. IMG_3167 10427227_10154244475240282_2215767944185560205_n

A footprint is taken to make sure this child belongs to me.  IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3177   IMG_3179

All smiles as always. IMG_3174

You’ve got a lot to learn from your mom Rocko. IMG_3199


Finally some food! Despite the stereotype, the food was actually really delicious.  Could have been the hunger talking but it looked good too. 20140619_074742 20140619_184430

Both of them get a much needed rest. 20140620_092802 20140620_092809

The hospital orders their bread from a “Rockland Bakery”.  How awesome is that?! Kismet! Kismet! 20140621_090005

Our first family photo. 20140620_165932

Rockland cheesing as best as he can. 20140621_093012

Let’s go home!  20140621_095629

The longest ride home. Originally expecting to go home earlier, The house stank like garbage cause we were gone for about 3 days and didn’t take it out… But! We were home and finally… “together“.   20140621_140648
Just Some Fun Extras:

20140525_125443 20140512_234220 20140512_215522 20140512_215531 20140518_131342

Jane and I watching a child birthing video. Which was disgusting yet beautiful…Our child birthing experience was more disgusting….and more beautiful. 20140527_214440 20140529_223834 20140529_223819 IMG_3234

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