Easy Meals

Before we got married I didn’t really cook all that often. And the meals I did cook on those rare occasions aren’t really things that take much skill or creativity. I’d whip up spam, eggs, fried rice, string beans, pasta, and ramyun noodles for me and my little brother. You know, nothing special.

THANKFULLY, I don’t really need to cook anything fancy for my husband because you can count the foods he eats on your 10 fingers.

1. MEAT: Galbi, bulgogi, samgyupsal, duck, chicken (NO ground beef, or processed meats like cold cuts, hot dogs, or spam)
2. SEAFOOD: Shrimp, fish, fried squid, calamari, myulchi (anchovies)
3. White rice only
4. Cheese Pizza
5. SNACKS: he will never venture out of the land of “original” or “bbq” flavors
6. FRUITS: ONLY apples, GREEN grapes, oranges, pears, bananas, strawberries, watermelons & CANNED peaches (do those even count?)
7. VEGETABLES (something he just recently opened up to): Salad (no spinach), carrots & broccoli
8. Cereal
9. Plain bagels with butter (NO cream cheese)
10. SAUCES: soy sauce & tempura sauce ONLY

Not difficult to cook for Sungjin AT ALL.

I cooked Sungjin samgyupsal for dinner the first night we were married :P (easy peasy… just salt & pepper)


Bulgogi with sautéed fish with egg

Beef & broccoli

This was MY food :P 


Chicken broccoli alfredo is so easy to make! I just ripped the recipe out of a magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office. HAHA! 


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