Debate: Marriage In Heaven?

Jane wanted us to start reading a book on marriage together and before I even get to the first page, I read the dedication and I’m like HOLD ON.   Not exactly the book that gets an engaged man in the mood to get a jump start on wedding planning.

One of the frequent recurring arguments that Jane and I have is on the topic of marriage in heaven.  She says there isn’t any.  That marriage is for humans and that there’s no need for such a thing in heaven.  As if it wasn’t depressing enough, Jane tries to reassure me with “Don’t worry, we’ll recognize each other in Heaven.”

EXCUSE ME?!!? RECOGNIZE?!  You best recognize me girl.  I don’t want a wave hello or a head nod when you’re flapping around with them angel wings.  I want you to ditch your little halo buddies and be with your man.

Most people would agree with Jane because of an interpretation from the Bible.  Someone asks Jesus a hypothetical about who a widow would be married to in Heaven if she’s had SEVERAL husbands in her lifetime (Mark 12:18-27).  Even though Jesus said there’s no marriage in Heaven, MAYBE he meant for that widow.  Don’t you think it’s odd that this “widow” had 7 husbands?!?!  Something fishy going on.  Maybe she was marrying them for the money or sheeps or whatever passed for wealth and once the money ran out, the husbands just HAPPENED to die and make her a widow.  If this occurred today, there’d be an investigation. Yep, you bet your bottom dollar!  I think Jesus meant, stay committed with 1 man, if he dies, SORRY, wait till you get to heaven.  If you give your heart to someone else, then you screw it all up and lose it all.

You might disagree with me but I for one am not a MURDERER of LOVE.

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  • Tina Kim // //

    haha marriage in the modern world is antiquated anyhow.

  • Jane Hwang // //

    I'll love you on earth & I'll love you even more in heaven… you just won't be my husband then. Unless of course God answers our prayers and says we can!

  • Annie // //

    Haha I agree with Jane! We should get together sometime! Sungjin says we are alike and would get along very well :)

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