Date at the Aquarium!

Jane and I were really looking forward to celebrating her birthday.  We haven’t been able to spend a day together in a while and because it’s so early in January, it was our way of kicking off 2013.  So what were we planning to do?!  Go to SPA CASTLE!  Yeap, that’s how us old fogies get down.  It was good for me, I didn’t have to plan anything cause that’s all she wanted to do.  However, thanks to an annoying monthly visitor that I want to punch in the face, our plans changed.

Scrambling to figure out what we could or couldn’t do, the best I could come up with on short notice is a nice day trip to the Long Island Aquarium: ATLANTIS.  It had all this cool stuff you could do, shark tank diving, penguin meeting, and a sea lion kiss…all of which was not happening that day.  The day was starting to suck, but even at my old age I’m constantly reminded that it’s what you make of it that matters.  If you want fun, you can’t rely on someone else to bring it to you.  Jane’s always been my best companion =)  So please peruse and enjoy a free ticket to the Atlantis Aquarium below:

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