Children See, Children Do

Now that I’m out of my 20’s, no longer a bachelor, and have become an expectant father, I guess it’s time for me to look at some parts of “me” seriously.  Now there’s the lovable, huggable, “aw shucks”, teddy bear-esque quality of me that everyone comes to love at psychotic proportions.  But then there’s the grimacing & mischievous instigator who loves a good fight and prods relentlessly at any button available to be pushed.

Epiphanies come in the most random and mysterious ways, but I always just assumed I was good enough.  Good enough to be a husband, good enough to be a parent.  My parents these days follow up every complaint of me with “is that what you’re going to teach your kids?”  I thought to myself: What’s the problem? Until I saw the worst parts of me if not all of me in this video….minus the wife-beater, I’m not into that.  Just thought I’d do a quick post and share.  Hopefully I’ll look back at this post and reflect on what it is I’m teaching my kid when he comes into the world.

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