• Rockland Goes Shopping

    I’m not fond of shopping without Sungjin with me because Rockland usually HATES being restricted in a shopping cart. Thus, he is either crying, being held, or scurrying around. That’s why I appreciated Target’s mini-carts for toddlers. I mean, I’m still kind of chasing him around, but at least he’s being somewhat productive :) Plus, it’s just super cute. (Minus his huge mosquito bite on his cheek. hehe)

  • I Am Afraid of Spiders

    This morning while I was getting ready in front of the closet mirror I saw a shadow swaying on the wall. I looked to see what Rockland was playing with, but he wasn’t swaying anything. So I looked around the room and TO MY HORROR there was a big juicy black spider swinging by it’s web on the ceiling fan.

  • Our Wedding Highlight Video!

    Sick of us yet? We thought we’d cut you a break from all the awesome wedding photos with a WEDDING VIDEO!