• Rockland Goes Shopping

    I’m not fond of shopping without Sungjin with me because Rockland usually HATES being restricted in a shopping cart. Thus, he is either crying, being held, or scurrying around. That’s why I appreciated Target’s mini-carts for toddlers. I mean, I’m still kind of chasing him around, but at least he’s being somewhat productive :) Plus, it’s just super cute. (Minus his huge mosquito bite on his cheek. hehe)

  • Baby Boo Boo

    Had our first real scare with Rockland this past week that reminded me that as resilient as he is, he is still indeed weak. (more…)

  • Breakfast of ChampYUNS

    This morning instead of the usual oatmeal/cereal breakfast, I decided to actually make some effort and fry up some banana pancakes and eggs. (It creates more dishes, but… it was totally worth it!) They were a HIT with this little guy! (more…)

  • I Am Afraid of Spiders

    This morning while I was getting ready in front of the closet mirror I saw a shadow swaying on the wall. I looked to see what Rockland was playing with, but he wasn’t swaying anything. So I looked around the room and TO MY HORROR there was a big juicy black spider swinging by it’s web on the ceiling fan.

  • Rockland’s 1st Birthday

    Here are some pictures of his birthday party. We couldn’t get all the details or pics with people, but some things are sweeter in memories :)

  • Rockcoli Resists Broccoli

    Ok, so I tried feeding Rock broccoli for the first time today. Sometimes, I accidentally call him Rockcoli. So you can imagine how excited I was to have him try some. I knew he was a little sleepy, but couldn’t resist feeding him broccoli fresh out of the blender. HOWEVER, it didn’t go so well.

    The lesson I learned today: never try to feed a sleepy baby, especially new foods. 


  • Under the Weather

    I was in complete denial that the baby and I were getting sick because I haven’t gotten sick in years. I thought maybe we had allergies or something, but NOPE. Apparently, we had symptoms of the beginnings of a cold. Anyway, just wanted to note down what I learned in treating colds for babies.


  • Blizzard of 2015

    It sure wasn’t as crazy as expected, but it snowed quite a bit nonetheless :) We were glad daddy was able to work from home the past two days! (and… that he shoveled for us.) P.S. Rockland. I will never let you forget how your father went to 4 different stores called a bunch more just to find some rock salt so we don’t slip and fall. He ended up buying a little “eco-friendly” jug of rock salt for $14 because he got desperate. He’s a good man. :)


  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!  (more…)

  • Baby Dedication

    Son, we are bursting in love and tickled pink just by looking at you. We are so thankful that God entrusted us with a baby as sweet as you. You remind us daily of the love and grace of Christ, so it was our honor to dedicate you back to the Lord on November 16, 2014. More than just dedicating you, we committed our family and ourselves as parents, to raising you up in love and the Christian faith. It is our prayer that one day you grow up and make your own decision to follow Christ and build a personal relationship with Him.   (more…)

  • Children See, Children Do

    Now that I’m out of my 20’s, no longer a bachelor, and have become an expectant father, I guess it’s time for me to look at some parts of “me” seriously.  Now there’s the lovable, huggable, “aw shucks”, teddy bear-esque quality of me that everyone comes to love at psychotic proportions.  But then there’s the grimacing & mischievous instigator who loves a good fight and prods relentlessly at any button available to be pushed. (more…)