• I’m a “Fixer Upper”

    I was watching one of those home renovating shows on Netflix and every single one of the clients were completely blown away by the design and genius of all the work put into their home. Some of them couldn’t even imagine the potential of a decrepit house turn into a model home. The professionals prepare floor plans and design ideas, often times even showing them some pretty cutting edge CGI to reveal their vision for their future home. Clients respond with a “Wow (still kind of hesitant… can you really do that?)” But they trust them to do the work anyway and after the big reveal their response transforms into a, “WOWOWOWOW! (jaw dropping amazingness, smiles all over, tears here and there) I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! yada yada yada.” All the while I’m sitting there rolling my eyes thinking, “Hellooo. They showed you EXACTLY what they were going to do people! Didn’t you know what they’re capable of?!” Then it dawned on me. I’m just like those clients in regards to letting God renovate (or rather demolish and remodel) my life. (more…)

  • Baby Boo Boo

    Had our first real scare with Rockland this past week that reminded me that as resilient as he is, he is still indeed weak. (more…)

  • I Am Afraid of Spiders

    This morning while I was getting ready in front of the closet mirror I saw a shadow swaying on the wall. I looked to see what Rockland was playing with, but he wasn’t swaying anything. So I looked around the room and TO MY HORROR there was a big juicy black spider swinging by it’s web on the ceiling fan.

  • Rockcoli Resists Broccoli

    Ok, so I tried feeding Rock broccoli for the first time today. Sometimes, I accidentally call him Rockcoli. So you can imagine how excited I was to have him try some. I knew he was a little sleepy, but couldn’t resist feeding him broccoli fresh out of the blender. HOWEVER, it didn’t go so well.

    The lesson I learned today: never try to feed a sleepy baby, especially new foods. 


  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!  (more…)

  • When Tempers Flare…


    I chuckled when I saw this painting by one of my favorite artists, Norman Rockwell. Loved that man’s work ever since I saw some hanging at a HomeTown Buffet when I was younger. Anyways, I chuckled when I came across this one because it reminded me of Sungjin and me. hehe.


  • New Year’s Revelations… about Pregnancy

    Just wanted to share some revelations I’ve received throughout my first trimester:

    #1. If you think you have food poisoning… you might actually be pregnant.  (more…)

  • The Story So Far…

    This is the time I get to brag about my fiance. One of his dreams in life is to write a book & get published. And well… I’m sure this book isn’t exactly what he had envisioned, but I got a glimpse of what his future will entail. He made me a book I’ll want to read over and over again.


  • Megaphone Jane

    People often tell Sungjin and I that we’re just like each other. But, more often than not, I find us to be SO very different. Some differences are more subtle and petty, but others are so aggravating that it provokes us to argue.

    Although we’d rather not bicker altogether, Ruth Bell Graham says those disagreements are actually a good thing. She believes “that if two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary” (This Momentary Marriage 9). I try to remember her words whenever I feel the crazy Jane creeping up on me. I mean we are two imperfect people coming together; two opposites that attracted.Of course there’s going to be some shaking. And you know what? Some things need some shaking. (more…)