• I’m a “Fixer Upper”

    I was watching one of those home renovating shows on Netflix and every single one of the clients were completely blown away by the design and genius of all the work put into their home. Some of them couldn’t even imagine the potential of a decrepit house turn into a model home. The professionals prepare floor plans and design ideas, often times even showing them some pretty cutting edge CGI to reveal their vision for their future home. Clients respond with a “Wow (still kind of hesitant… can you really do that?)” But they trust them to do the work anyway and after the big reveal their response transforms into a, “WOWOWOWOW! (jaw dropping amazingness, smiles all over, tears here and there) I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! yada yada yada.” All the while I’m sitting there rolling my eyes thinking, “Hellooo. They showed you EXACTLY what they were going to do people! Didn’t you know what they’re capable of?!” Then it dawned on me. I’m just like those clients in regards to letting God renovate (or rather demolish and remodel) my life. (more…)

  • Baby Boo Boo

    Had our first real scare with Rockland this past week that reminded me that as resilient as he is, he is still indeed weak. (more…)

  • Breakfast of ChampYUNS

    This morning instead of the usual oatmeal/cereal breakfast, I decided to actually make some effort and fry up some banana pancakes and eggs. (It creates more dishes, but… it was totally worth it!) They were a HIT with this little guy! (more…)

  • I Am Afraid of Spiders

    This morning while I was getting ready in front of the closet mirror I saw a shadow swaying on the wall. I looked to see what Rockland was playing with, but he wasn’t swaying anything. So I looked around the room and TO MY HORROR there was a big juicy black spider swinging by it’s web on the ceiling fan.

  • First Haircut!

    We loved Rockland’s long, wild hair, but it was time to tame those locks; time for the rabbi to cut his curls, time for Samson to be stripped of his strength. As much as we didn’t want to chop it off, we actually love his shorter hair do!


  • Rockcoli Resists Broccoli

    Ok, so I tried feeding Rock broccoli for the first time today. Sometimes, I accidentally call him Rockcoli. So you can imagine how excited I was to have him try some. I knew he was a little sleepy, but couldn’t resist feeding him broccoli fresh out of the blender. HOWEVER, it didn’t go so well.

    The lesson I learned today: never try to feed a sleepy baby, especially new foods. 


  • Under the Weather

    I was in complete denial that the baby and I were getting sick because I haven’t gotten sick in years. I thought maybe we had allergies or something, but NOPE. Apparently, we had symptoms of the beginnings of a cold. Anyway, just wanted to note down what I learned in treating colds for babies.


  • Blizzard of 2015

    It sure wasn’t as crazy as expected, but it snowed quite a bit nonetheless :) We were glad daddy was able to work from home the past two days! (and… that he shoveled for us.) P.S. Rockland. I will never let you forget how your father went to 4 different stores called a bunch more just to find some rock salt so we don’t slip and fall. He ended up buying a little “eco-friendly” jug of rock salt for $14 because he got desperate. He’s a good man. :)


  • Baby Approved Rice Cereal

    Finally started giving Rockland rice cereal. We tried Earth’s Best Rice Cereal (for no particular reason other than it being the only kind in stock at Target). But, the baby seems to like it just fine. Personally, I love that he’s moving on up in the food pyramid. It totally beats nursing and bottle feeding. Feedings are so much more fun… for now :D 


  • Maternity Photos

    Had a blast shooting with our friend, Janice Chung. It was the first time taking maternity photos for all of us, but I’d say she was pretty successful in capturing the growing baby in me and our joy as soon-to-be-parents. Thanks Janice!

  • Sungjin the Builder

    I love building furniture. My mom and I always did it together whenever we bought IKEA dressers, tables, and beds frames. It’s kind of like crafting to me. You have all these deconstructed pieces and tools, and with time… BAM! You have a beautifully finished product. It can be so stress relieving.