• Breakfast of ChampYUNS

    This morning instead of the usual oatmeal/cereal breakfast, I decided to actually make some effort and fry up some banana pancakes and eggs. (It creates more dishes, but… it was totally worth it!) They were a HIT with this little guy! (more…)

  • Rockcoli Resists Broccoli

    Ok, so I tried feeding Rock broccoli for the first time today. Sometimes, I accidentally call him Rockcoli. So you can imagine how excited I was to have him try some. I knew he was a little sleepy, but couldn’t resist feeding him broccoli fresh out of the blender. HOWEVER, it didn’t go so well.

    The lesson I learned today: never try to feed a sleepy baby, especially new foods. 


  • Baby Approved Rice Cereal

    Finally started giving Rockland rice cereal. We tried Earth’s Best Rice Cereal (for no particular reason other than it being the only kind in stock at Target). But, the baby seems to like it just fine. Personally, I love that he’s moving on up in the food pyramid. It totally beats nursing and bottle feeding. Feedings are so much more fun… for now :D