• The Ring: A Diamond Guide for Men

    The stress & privilege of any man-ready-for-marriage begins when searching for the perfect symbol of commitment: THE RING. No not the horror movie, but equally as frightening.

  • Woes of Wedding Planning

    First of all, I’m not a great planner. I don’t consider myself that spontaneous or anything, but it’s just hard for me to plan something when my vision is all over the place.


  • The Proposal: Jane’s Account

    Falling in love is such an incredible experience; you have to go through it to understand, or else you’ll just think we’re crazy.  This is the case with Sungjin and me.

    We both knew early on that we didn’t have to look for a husband/wife anymore after meeting each other. But, when I told my family how I felt they literally thought I was bewitched and insane. Thankfully after 1 1/2 years of getting to know Sungjin, I think they’ve come to love and welcome him as family.

    So here is my account of our engagement: