• Maternity Photos

    Had a blast shooting with our friend, Janice Chung. It was the first time taking maternity photos for all of us, but I’d say she was pretty successful in capturing the growing baby in me and our joy as soon-to-be-parents. Thanks Janice!

  • The Story So Far…

    This is the time I get to brag about my fiance. One of his dreams in life is to write a book & get published. And well… I’m sure this book isn’t exactly what he had envisioned, but I got a glimpse of what his future will entail. He made me a book I’ll want to read over and over again.


  • Debate: Marriage In Heaven?

    Jane wanted us to start reading a book on marriage together and before I even get to the first page, I read the dedication and I’m like HOLD ON.   Not exactly the book that gets an engaged man in the mood to get a jump start on wedding planning. (more…)