• Rockland’s 100th Day!

    To commemorate all those wonderful days, we made a video looking back at just the very first few days he made our family +1 bigger and whole. Mommy & Daddy love you. Gosh darn it, the whole world loves you.

  • 1 Year of Marital Bliss!

    A wonderful year has passed and it was absolutely blissful. If I could sum up what I learned into one bullet point it is this:

  • Happy 1st Anniversary!

    The FunYuns have made it through one glorious year of marriage!

    People say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Unsurprisingly too as two totally independent individuals and two wildly different personalities come together as one. But, so far this first year of marriage has been nothing short of wonderful.


  • Happy Anniversary

    I’ve been trying to write a fresh post, but as most of you bloggers know- writing aint easy. It’s probably one of the least organic things I know how to do. So, props and kudos to all you writers out there. I commend your hard work.

    Anyways, Sungjin and I got to celebrate our 2 year anniversary last month. (more…)