Baby Boo Boo

Had our first real scare with Rockland this past week that reminded me that as resilient as he is, he is still indeed weak.

One day maybe he’ll be able to tell his side of the story which would be something along the lines of: I thought I was Superman & jumped off the bed. But, my story goes like this: I was putting Rockland down for his usual mid-day nap. I cuddled next to him, but he got up and started running on the bed. So I played around a little and showed him it’s time to nap again by laying down. He ran too close to the edge of the bed so I lifted my leg up to “save” him…. but lo and behold I was the reason he plummeted to the hard wooden floor onto his shoulder. Not the best “mom” moment, but it happened unfortunately.

Scariest part was when he didn’t want to get up after his nap. He couldn’t get up, cried when I picked him up from his underarms, and didn’t want to walk… that’s when I got nervous. After visiting his pediatrician and hours of him just laying there and sitting up, we decided to take him to a pediatric urgent care for X-rays.

Mama, all of this waiting is making me hungry!
X-ray result: clavicle fracture.
The doctor says this is a special sling that will help me feel better.   
Mommy feels so guilty.
It’s ok mommy… I forgive you. :)
Through it all, this kid still sleeps well.
Plays well…
20150924_121326 20150924_121329    20150924_142914
And eats well…
20150924_142916_001 20150925_093650
At the orthopedics office. Doc said he was good to go & just to avoid parks and heavy activity.
Which means we didn’t have to miss Batman Day at Barnes & Noble!
20150926_182021 20150926_182025
Or our friend’s wedding!  20150927_194117
Or another’s friend’s 1st birthday party!
20150927_153354 20150927_153418
Plus we got to hang out with grandpa & grandma a lot. They took great care of him!
Our angel :)
Rocky, thank you for being such a happy baby even though your mama tripped you and made you fall. You’re truly the sweetest boy I know. I love you more and more each day. I will do my best to protect you & keep you safe!!!

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