The Ring: A Diamond Guide for Men

The search for your perfect symbol of matrimonious commitment begins. Are you ready for “the Ring”? No not the horror movie, but equally as frightening. 

I can honestly say for most of my adult life, I’ve only felt suffocatingly nervous twice.  Buying my engagement ring was one of them.  The other was when I had to find the courage to ask Jane’s father for his blessing to marry his only daughter.  But we’ll get to that another time.

Before I made the huge mistake of just buying a pretty engagement ring online, I was lucky enough to talk to Ann Kim of Kim’s Fine Jewelry whom by the way has high ratings on Yelp.  So if you’re in the Tristate Area and are in the market for a ring, don’t cheat yourself and consult with them.

After shopping around, I discovered that it was actually cheaper to custom make an engagement ring. Rather than buy some overpriced name brand, I would spend less on something that was WORTH just as much.  Please be warned that custom rings don’t come with insurance, so you’re going to have to do some shopping on your own.  But if you’re on a budget, I think it’s a fairtrade-off.  Below you’ll find a little handy guide on:


Cut – Is said to have the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty.  The BLING-BLING sparkly factor of a diamond is determined by the shape and design in which it’s cut.  Here’s a simple scale for you to consult.

The cut is graded on a pretty straightforward scale of: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

Color – This refers to the actual color of the diamond.  Each diamond is assigned a letter grade dependent on it’s color.  Colorless or Near Colorless is the ideal choice.  On the other end of the scale you have yellow, blue, and pink.  So for you guys, if you see:

I don’t know why there’s no A, B, or C.  Someone probably stole em all way back when.  And yes, there is a Z+.  That just means it sucks more.

Clarity – Just like no one is born perfect, the same rule applies to diamonds.  Most, if not all have blemishes or inclusions.  It’s like a scar or pimple for a diamond.  You would ideally want one that does not have blemishes or inclusions visible to the naked eye.   Any HONEST jeweler selling you a diamond will point them out to you when you’re shopping for one.

Carat –  Bigger isn’t always better.  Carat just refers to the weight and size.  A colorless, blemish free 0.5-carat diamond might be worth more than a 1-carat ring that’s in urine yellow with blemishes over it.

Now for the band to slap the diamond on, people usually go with gold, white-gold, or platinum.  They are all good choices, but what you pick ultimately depends on your budget.  You can’t base your decision solely on one of these factors.  So expect to trade off quality in one area of the 4C’s for another when shopping around for a diamond.

It’s also important to get it appraised as well.  When you do that, the authenticity of the ring is certified.  Make sure you don’t lose that piece of paper, you’re gonna need it when you’re shopping for some insurance.  Each place is different, but Kim’s Fine Jewelry provides their appraisals through the GIA at no cost to you.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to find out her ring size.  You’re on your own for that.

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    oooooo wow! I had no idea about all that stuff. You could’ve got me a Z+ with inclusions and I would’ve thought it was supposed to be like that. Hahaha :D You always give me the best though. cuz YOU’RE THE BEST! <3 kyakyaya

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