I’m a “Fixer Upper”

I was watching one of those home renovating shows on Netflix and every single one of the clients were completely blown away by the design and genius of all the work put into their home. Some of them couldn’t even imagine the potential of a decrepit house turn into a model home. The professionals prepare floor plans and design ideas, often times even showing them some pretty cutting edge CGI to reveal their vision for their future home. Clients respond with a “Wow (still kind of hesitant… can you really do that?)” But they trust them to do the work anyway and after the big reveal their response transforms into a, “WOWOWOWOW! (jaw dropping amazingness, smiles all over, tears here and there) I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! yada yada yada.” All the while I’m sitting there rolling my eyes thinking, “Hellooo. They showed you EXACTLY what they were going to do people! Didn’t you know what they’re capable of?!” Then it dawned on me. I’m just like those clients in regards to letting God renovate (or rather demolish and remodel) my life.
There are days I’m just as doubtful, anxious, and unwilling to invest. Yet circumstances force me to remember the condition I was in before and where I am now. I was that broken-down, uninhabitable house with a faulty foundation before I let the Master Craftsman fulfill His vision for me, and without a doubt, I hands-down trust Him to finish the work He started in my life. Just like the clients on those shows, I’m thrilled and in awe of God’s design, and even the surprises He tosses in for me. I’m so glad He started the restorations, but He’s far from done.

Best of all, is all the renovations God does in me is FREE. It’s a gift! (If only that were true in real home buying & renovating…) The only cost is my trust & obedience. So, I hope He grows my faith and reminds me of where I was before and what He’s done for me when my memory malfunctions. I love you, Lord. Thank you for saving me and seeing “potential” (as the people on those shows always say).

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