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Celebrating Rockland's 1st Birthday!
going out for ice cream!
a bun in the oven
Cold Sea Water Makes For Warm Memories
The ABC's Of Parenthood to be.

“Making Memories,

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Catch Up With Us!
  • Rockland Goes Shopping

    I’m not fond of shopping without Sungjin with me because Rockland usually HATES being restricted in a shopping cart. Thus, he is either crying, being held, or scurrying around. That’s why I appreciated Target’s mini-carts for toddlers. I mean, I’m still kind of chasing him around, but at least he’s being somewhat productive :) Plus, it’s just super cute. (Minus his huge mosquito bite on his cheek. hehe)

  • Potty Training Sucks

    I have poop smell all over my hands from cleaning it up, trying to freshen up the place before your mom gets home.

  • I’m a “Fixer Upper”

    I was watching one of those home renovating shows on Netflix and every single one of the clients were completely blown away by the design and genius of all the work put into their home. Some of them couldn’t even imagine the potential of a decrepit house turn into a model home. The professionals prepare floor plans and design ideas, often times even showing them some pretty cutting edge CGI to reveal their vision for their future home. Clients respond with a “Wow (still kind of hesitant… can you really do that?)” But they trust them to do the work anyway and after the big reveal their response transforms into a, “WOWOWOWOW! (jaw dropping amazingness, smiles all over, tears here and there) I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! yada yada yada.” All the while I’m sitting there rolling my eyes thinking, “Hellooo. They showed you EXACTLY what they were going to do people! Didn’t you know what they’re capable of?!” Then it dawned on me. I’m just like those clients in regards to letting God renovate (or rather demolish and remodel) my life. (more…)

  • Baby Boo Boo

    Had our first real scare with Rockland this past week that reminded me that as resilient as he is, he is still indeed weak. (more…)

  • Breakfast of ChampYUNS

    This morning instead of the usual oatmeal/cereal breakfast, I decided to actually make some effort and fry up some banana pancakes and eggs. (It creates more dishes, but… it was totally worth it!) They were a HIT with this little guy! (more…)

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